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Hi guys!

I'm new to the forum and am looking for some grad school advice since I'm going to be graduating undergrad this year. I'm looking at ID programs in the hopes of pursuing a career in consulting or in something else in the private sector. Most of the programs seem to be very quant-heavy, though, with econ pre-reqs, and I don't have a strong quant background. I took basic micro/macro and a statistics course my freshman year but didn't do very well in them (thank you freshman year stupidity...) -- my academic record is strong post-freshman year, but I'm worried that my background is going to be a burden to getting into most programs. I know I can take econ again at some point while preparing for the GRE after I graduate, but I'd ideally like to start working once I graduate so that I can start paying off my student loans.

I guess I'm just really wondering whether I need to be as worried as I am about my econ deficiency or if other factors in my academic record and resume can outweigh that? And if it is going to a problem, what would be the best plan to remedy the situation? Also, what ID programs are good but don't have such a strict quant background requirement?

Thanks a lot in advance!<br clear="all">

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