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I'm carrying out psychology research at Nottingham Trent University looking at how people’s childhood experiences shape their personality. In particular I am interested in how these experiences affect the likelihood of developing, or not developing disordered personalities. In the past, people have focused on negative experiences such as childhood maltreatment. My research is aiming to look wider than this and find out what role both negative AND positive childhood experiences play in personality. I am hoping the research will raise awareness of how essential it is to provide a nurturing childhood environment and the importance of supporting children and families who may need it.

To do this, I need your help! I am looking for anyone over the age of 18 to answer our online questionnaire regardless of your early experiences. This questionnaire is the initial stage of my project and you may find because it is a quant questionnaire with yes/no questions that it does not reflect your exact experience. However, please answer as accurately as you can. It should only take 20 minutes and to thank you fortaking part, you can enter into a raffle prize draw to win £50/£30/£20 vouchersfor any shop or supermarket of your choice.

I need to finish data collection by the end of June and I'm still short of participants, eeek!

If you are interested in finding out more about the research and to take part in the questionnaire please follow the link below:

Click me!

Thank you for your time and interest.

Marianne Chua

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Thanks to all those who have taken part so far, I'm very grateful for you giving up your time to help. Keep on coming if you can! I've got until early July to finish data collection!


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