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UCF- Applied Sociology


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I was wondering if and what anyone has heard about UCF's Master's in Applied Sociology, specifically the track in domestic violence. I love the Orlando area, and my husband is probably going to be going to school there himself next year, so if it's at all a decent program (and if I get in, obviously!) I'd go. If it's not a very good program, I'll probably just wait out my husband's time in school and find a Master's/PhD program somewhere else. I can't find much about it online other than the UCF website itself, which I'm not taking to be a good sign, but I figured I'd check here too. Any insight would be awesome, thanks!

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I've been researching Florida grad schools for sociology, and UCF doesn't seem to be shining the brightest light. However, I have not heard much about the program other than what is online and what the graduate coordinator told me. Take this with a grain of salt but in no way does it seem like a "bad" program, but it is not a top shelf program, if you will. Nevertheless, UCF is a great school and I find it hard to believe that such a popular program such as sociology would not be decent. I would look into University of Florida. They are narrowed more towards criminology, which may entertain your domestic violence route. I'd also look at USF, as I've heard great things about their program. Robert Benford heads their program and I had him at SIUC. He is an outstanding professor. Like I said, as far as UCF goes, I would contact current grad students and faculty (with research that interest you) and ask them more about the program. I'm sorry I could not be more help, but I hope this helps a bit. Good luck!

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