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Student from Romania: What are my chances?


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I am a 21 year student from Romania in my senior year pursuing a BA in International Relations and European Studies. My most probable GPA will be 4. I have worked for the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs when it organized this spring the NATO summit. I have done a 5 months internship at UN Information Center in Romania. In my first year of college I also worked as a journalist for nationwide magazine.

Now I am doing another 3 month one at the German Marshall Fund office in Bucharest.

I have published abroad.

I took part a consideral numebr of international conferences, summerschools, and workshops. I am an active member of the first human rights NGO in Romania, and I am doing voluntary work for the Institute for the study of the crimes Communist era in Romania.

I have won a bunch of essay contest on relevant issue to international relations. I have gone on two study visit two Bruxelles in which I saw the EU's institutions and NATO's HQ.

This summer I represented Romania at a high profile forum on the future of European construction.

IELTS band 8

I just took today the GRE test: 510V 770Q, the verbal is a little low, I know, but would this matter.

I posses three excellent rec. letters.

I applied to:

-SIPA, Columbia

-SAIS, Johns Hopkins

-Fletcher, Tufts

-Elliot School, GWU

So how do you grade my chances?

Thanks in advance

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Your experience is pretty impressive. I would say you are very competitive for Elliot. You may also be strong for SAIS and SIPA, but be mindful that SIPA looks favorably on those with at least a few years work experience and SAIS is very quantitative focused. I am not able to gauge you for Fletcher though. The only thing that might get you is that I don't see any solid professional experience. Overall, I would say you will very likely be granted admission to at least 2 on your list.

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