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GPA from Hell and hopes of Harvard - Master of Science in Health Policy and Management


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I know your time is valuable so any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.I will try to keep it short.

Iam really keen on applying to the Harvard Master of Science in Health Policyand Management (80 credits) program but need some honest/brutal advise regarding my chances of admission and whether it is even worth it at this point of my career.

Age: 29

Sex: Female

National Origin: Bangladesh

Bachelor G.P.A (Poli Sci): 2.47 /3.00(2nd tier Liberal ArtsCollege) - Year - 2003

M.H.A (health admin) G.P.A: 3.97/4.00 - Year – 2008 (2ndtier public university) (Awarded - Most Outstanding Student)

GRE Score Verbal: 640

GRE ScoreQuant: 740

Current Job: Director of Oncology at a 200 Bed hospital (part of a ten hospital system)

I have 5 years of working experience in the health care industry with roles of increasing responsibility. After finishing my undergrad I returned home and worked two years for an NGO in the public health sector before returning back to the US to pursue my MHA degree. I excelled in grad school and landed a prestigious administrative fellowship upon graduation. I have stayed with the same health system ever since and have been promoted twice in three years.

I wanted to know if I had any chance at Harvard’s masters program before I decide to retake the GREs (current scores are more than 5 yrs old). My undergrad GPA is an obvious concern and I wanted to know how much of a hurdle am I facing ? Not that it matters but I suffered from severe MDD/OCD during my undergrad years(well documented). So to sum it up my question is:

Do you think I might have a reasonable shot or is this just an attempt in futility?

Thank you,


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