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GRE - Q680, V600 :/


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I am flat out terrible with standardized math tests. I have been studying my rear off, and I was doing well in practices, but I just do terribly in the real thing. Part of the problem is that I have to work full time, plus my research, plus classes. So there is just so much going on in my life that even with studying, it is hard to focus come time for the actual test. This was my second attempt, so that is it. That is the score I am stuck with.

I want to get into a genetics/cellular and molec bio PhD program. I currently have a 4.0 with 6 courses left to take. I have 2 semesters of undergraduate research, and by the time I apply, I should have at least 6 months of working as a lab tech. I have the biology department head and my research professor lined up as the first of my two letters of recommendation. I will probably either use my cell & molec bio professor or my biochem professor for my third, unless I can get a good LOR from where ever I end up working.

Do I have any chance at getting into a decent school? I have the hardest time finding average GRE scores on most school website. Berkley I got as a 709 average. I am also looking at University of Illinois in Chicago, University of Washington, Northwestern University (IL), and some of the other University of California system schools. I killed my chances of University of Chicago entirely just because of the GRE score. I really want a research program with good funding, a decent name for itself, and a relatively decent job after graduation outlook. Any recommendations with a cruddy GRE score?

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