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Russian Literature graduate programs


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Hey everyone. This is my first time posting and appreciate any help. I was a Russian Language and literature major looking to continue my studies in Graduate schools. I have been looking for an objective ranking of MA and PHD programs but haven't had much success. I have gotten a little lost in a maze of Comparative Literature, Russian Languages, and Slavic Language programs. I know this seems a little basic, but I am starting the process and would appreciate any help in identifying relevant schools. Some further information which may help. I am a New Yorker and would prefer to stay around New York. I graduated with a 3.8 GPA and have just taken the GRE where I scored 750 verbal 660 math. I think (probably like everybody else) that my personal statement and writing sample are good. Thanks for the feedback in advance and I appreciate any help.

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Port33, considering you wrote this a while ago, I don't know if you even check this site anymore - but if you do, where did you decide to apply? And any other Slavic PhD applicants around? I myself am waiting to hear from the six programs (!) I applied for, already freaking out!

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Not a clue, but hopefully before the anxiety kills me. I had an e-mail from a prof. at NYU last week (I did my MA there, so they know me) saying that the Comp. Lit. dept. would be meeting soon, but that doesn't mean much I suppose (this week? next week?). Post if you hear anything and best of luck!

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