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I was wondering: what are the average/minimum stats (GRE, GPA) for M.S. in Historic Preservation Planning programs? There are few programs, and many of them are at Ivy League schools. I received a 670Q and 580V when I took the GRE yesterday, and I was wondering if that would be high enough to get "past the first round". Does the GRE really matter in a professional program that is neither very math or verbal focused? And does anyone know of the admissions statistics (number of applicants for spots, percentage of applicants accepted) for preservation programs?

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I don't know where you can find these kind of statistics for Historic Preservation M.As, but just from what I've noticed the GRE is not considered very heavily. A friend of mine was accepted at an Ivy this past application season with math/verbal scores in the mid 500s.

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The applicants and enrollment for preservation programs has been dropping country-wide (I was recently researching this for my chair). Admissions are not generally that competitive, especially when you get to the art and design schools. I don't think the GRE scores are weighted much at all. The field wants to grow and needs people to make that happen, so if you have a strong personal statement and some experience (internship, volunteer) you have a really good shot.

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