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Any fall 09 MFA applicants out there?

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I'm just about to send off the last of my applications (thankfully) but I'm not looking forward to the wait. I've applied to a fairly large number of schools and I think that there is a little variability as far as selectivity goes (all are still tough to get into though). My list is Alabama, Arkansas, ASU, Idaho, Iowa, LSU, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, WashU, Emerson, and Texas State. Is anyone out there in the same boat? Just wondering. Also, any current MFA students? Right now I'm freaking out about the idea that I might not get into any of the schools I've applied. I'm confident in my writing (mostly) and every workshop I've had I think my work has been looked pretty highly on, but I still worry that this is just a big crap shoot. And I don't know what I'll do if I get rejected from everywhere.

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