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PHD critical theory

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Hi Everybody

I just got to know of the gradcafe. I am a Master's in international relations from a very reputed centre in India. I want to apply for a PhD in the US for the fall 2012 semester. I haven't taken the GRE yet but I'm taking it in november. I wanted to ask about PHD programmes in the US, in international relations. I want to study critical theory and human security, or nuclear issues and disarmament. Can you please suggest me good schools for both. Also, Im not particularly interested in very quantitative research. Also, are there any good schools for the same on the west coast?

I'd be grateful for any kind of assistance



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the first list of schools provided by blanket is a good one. But as someone a bit more familiar with the UC system, I would think that Berkeley, San Diego, and Davis are not good fits. Santa Cruz and Irvine are likely better options. I would also add Arizona State to your list.

Minnesota, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, New School, Yale. Not too familiar with the UC system, but look at Santa Cruz, Berkeley, San Diego, Davis, and Irvine.

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