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4th year math major at a top 50 Math/Econ university

GPA 3.54 (3.58 Math gpa, 4.0 Econ GPA).

Coursework: Intermediate Micro/Macro:As, Probability/Stats (calc based): As, Real Analysis 2 courses(not at rudin level, but the undergrad that was offered):As, Linear Algebra 2 courses (proof based): A- in both Differential Equations:A-.

Up coming fall: first year Grad Stats sequence and real analysis (at rudin level).

I was curious what would be a good target school, given my background. (I am planning on taking the GRE before the fall)

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You've given us your transcript (which is very strong) but it is still only one part of your application. The biggest missing piece I see is research. Have you done any? Did you do an honors thesis or otherwise work with professors on their research? Anything published? What about your LoR's? How well do you know your referees? How well will prospective schools know your referees? Your SoP, do you have a draft that we could read? Finally, your GRE. While it's not the only part of your application it still is rather important. Have you been taking practice exams? What have you been getting on those?

There are a lot of things that go into a graduate school application and in order for us to give you recommendations we need to know a little more about you. We don't need to have an answer to every question above but we need to have a lot more information.

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