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My chances of getting into engineering schools


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My name is Kevin and I will be applying to several Ph.D. programs in Mechanical Engineering for Fall 2012 Admission. It would be greatly appreciated If anyone could please gauge my chances of being accepted by top engineering programs.

I'm considering schools like : USC, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard, Cornell, Johns Hopkins.

My profile:

B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, Cumulative GPA 3.70; Major GPA: 3.84 ( USC)

M.S. in Aerospace Engineering, GPA 3.75 ( USC)

GRE: Q:800; V:730; AWA:4.5

3 years of research experience ; no publication

2 graduate-level projects

2 design projects (Undergraduate)

I'm a permanent resident

Thank you so much in advance

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I can't see a reason of why you wouldn't be accepted into these schools. You have high grades, a high GPA, and research experience. The only thing I see your missing is that you don't necessarily have any publications. As a professor from UC Berekely said to me, once you have an MS degree, schools hold you to a higher standards than students coming out with just a BS. Having said that, i'd say about at least 75% of the students will accept you. You got your BS and MS from USC, so I think you will know if you get accepted into USC more than we will. If they don't accept their "own kind" though, then goes to show forth how they feel their curriculum is.

Send me a PM so we can talk further about this, have a few questions regarding this for you.

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