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SIPA/WWS/SAIS/SFS Chances (stats)

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Hello, could anybody put in their 2 cents about my prospects for SIPA, WWS, SAIS and SFS schools? My number one choice is SIPA. WWS and SAIS are tied for 2nd place (depending on $$, since I cannot afford to move out of state without a significant scholarship to live at a school).

Field of study: Int. Security, Conflict Resolution


UG GPA: 3.6

B.A.: double major in History, Political Science

Coursework in statistics, macro and microeconomics (3 classes)

GRE: 680 (math), 670 (verbal), 5.0 (writing)

Currently work at Dept. of Homeland Security (6 months)

2 internships in non-profits in NYC (human rights focus) and D.C. (U.S. foreign policy focus)

1 law firm internship

All above work experience amounts to a little over 1 year.

Written/oral fluency in Russian (native) and French (intermediate).

Int. experience: grew up in Russia, lived in U.S. for the last 10 years; tourism to other places other than that.


One of my letters of recommendation is from a non-profit director who is a SIPA alumni, don't know if that greatly affects/reduces chances. My biggest concern, however, is work experience. I've been 1 year out of undergrad and haven't amassed the work years that most people in those programs have (even though about 10% of incoming class is straight from undergrad). Also, all the schools, and especially SIPA and SAIS, value people strong in economics, statistics and general quantitative stuff like calculus. I hated anything quantitative my whole life (I'm more about analytical thinking, writing essays, etc.), but took a few courses in economics in college and precalc in high school, so don't know if my quant skills are strong enough. If anybody has useful input, please share.

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