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APSIA IR schools in East Asia

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As the title of this thread suggests, I was wondering if anyone on the boards could help me establish the pros and cons of studying for a master’s degree in IR at a school in East Asia such as Ritsumeikan University, Yonsei or Korea University. All of these schools are APSIA members and maintain dual-degree programs with prominent schools such as American SIS and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business which I assume must count for something.

Clearly, the reputation of these schools may not match top-tier institutions in the US, but on the other hand I wonder whether or not the international experience gained by going to school in East Asia as well as the chance to improve my language skills would outweigh any negative consequences (to say nothing of cheaper tuition)?

As for myself, I am an American currently living abroad in East Asia on a language study fellowship. I believe my statistics are strong enough to be admitted into a good university here in the States, but on the other hand I would prefer to remain in East Asia since it is my area of specialization if I can come to the conclusion that it will not harm my long-term career prospects.

Any thoughts?

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I am also considering Yonsei and Korea U for grad school IR program.

I am also American, taught English in Korea for 1.5 years and only yesterday (no joke) decided to apply there because I heard they offer good scholarships for foreign students (non Koreans).

My sister said that the reason they offer such incentives for foreigners is because they are not reputable, even though they're APSIA member schools.

Does anyone know any info whether or not me getting a degree from Korea would allow me to get a job in US?

Would American employers (gov-nt, NGOs, DC think tanks and what not) even count the degree as one?

Thank you for any advice in advance.

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