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What format should I get this LOR? Soft? Have him mail it? (4th LOR)


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Hi everyone,

Someone who is very busy has said he would be happy to write me a recommendation. He asked if he should just give me a generic one, and what form I would like it in. Since I don't know him that well (we worked together on one project) and also because he is a bit "high up", I want to make it as easy for him as possible. Also - side note: Per the recommendation of a graduate school admissions book, I plan for this letter, as well as someone else's, to be an "extra" letter of recommendation. (The book says to send extras even if schools say they won't be considered.) This means tailoring will not be as important.

I was going to ask if I could send him a bunch of addressed, stamped envelopes when I was done applying so that he could mail them easily on letterhead. However, I was also wondering if I could/should ask for a soft copy as well (he offered). I want to do my apps electronically and in hard copy, and if there's a chance I could upload his letter that might ensure the school gets everything. Otherwise, I would have been perfectly fine waiving my rights to read it.

Any advice is appreciated!

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