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Which has a better job outlook: Epi or health promotion and behavior??


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I'm having a hard time deciding what I would like to concentrate on for my Master's degree. I love the epi aspects as far as analytical research, but I would also like to promote healthy living lifestyles. I can't decide which is best for me. I know money isn't everything but in this economy (U.S.) I feel like it is. I don't want to spend thousands of money and years of education for it to be thrown away because I can't find a job. Any input is greatly appreciated!!

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I'd _guess_ Epi has the better outlook.

1) Epi is more quantitative, so people in Epi will be harder to find and harder to replace.

2) There is an oversupply of Health Promo people in the labor market, simply because more PH programs offer health promo than any other concentration and HP becomes the "entry-level" PH track. Note that my views on the labor market do not match what I think is actually needed for staffing.

3) The US Bureau of Labor says Epi has a higher growth rate. Check out what it says for Epidemiologists v. Health Educators.

That being said, I'd recommend you focus more on what track comes more naturally to you. The job market for a track in 10 years doesn't help you if you burn out in 3. If you're really split 50/50, then I'd say go for Epi, but try to get some community health promotion experience along the way. There's no reason you can't blend the two, either through an official program or your own path, and I suspect that this blending will be required for future PH practitioners.

Feel free to rebut, because I'd like to be wrong. I don't like Epi, but I think I'll have to use a ton of it anyways.

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