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MEng CE Application - Wasting My Time?


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I'm considering applying to several schools to pursue a MEng in computer engineering or computer science. Texas A&M is my #1 choice, but I fear my pathetic application gives me no hope if I apply for Fall 2012. Mostly I'm looking for advice to improve my chances. I'm not looking at top 20 schools, maybe I should? I've always wanted to attend TAMU, I love the tradition, school, people, town, everything. Even lived there a year. So that is what pushed it to the top of my list.

-Will graduate with a B.S. Computer Science from a state school in May 2012.

-Overall GPA: 3.45

-CS GPA: 3.65

-Upsilon Pi Epsilon

-No research yet

-No relevant work experience

-I'm a really good test taker and feel I can do really well on the GRE, but have no concrete scores to post

-I will have 3 moderate to good LOR from 3 professors who all received their PhD from Texas A&M in CS.

I will have a research paper finished by the end of this semester (Fall 11) and a second paper completed during the Spring 12 semester. Publication doubtful.

So to my question and thread title: Am I wasting my time applying for the Fall 2012 year? Will it be best to wait to complete the research and possibly obtain a cs related job/research position while waiting to apply for Fall 2013? I should add, I have no desire to complete a PhD at this point.

There is also a non-thesis option for the MEng degree, but I've heard conflicting opinions on this: 1. The competition is less for this degree, thus easier to get an admit. 2. Graduate programs look for research and you have a better chance of admit by applying to the thesis option.

Where do I go from here?


P.S. I posted this in the eng section, but felt it fit better here.

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