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Specificity of SOP for an M.Arch First Professional Degree

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Hello Gradcafe,

my question is sort of specific to Architecture school, so I understand if no one has a clear answer, but I thought I'd give it a shot to see what you all think.

I am applying now to M.Arch Programs for the Fall of 2012 and in writing my SOP's, have questions regarding the specificity of my intent. I have a BA in video/film and because I'm applying to first-professional degree programs, I wonder what level of specificity the Ad Comm is looking for.

What I have gathered from the various schools' essay prompts is that the FP applicant need not focus too narrowly in their letter of intent (or at least less so than someone with a B.Arch). Is it possible to be too specific? I have met with professors from a few of the schools I'm looking into and have studied their published works. Because I resonate with their thoughts and ideas, I plan to use them as examples of what I aim to accomplish. Would it be harmful to have too narrow a scope? For instance, might the Ad Comm see someone with a limited background keying in on a specific topic as being naive?

By visiting studios recently, I've found that the track for a typical M.Arch student follows a more rigid structure, at least in the beginning. So is it better to have a broader SOP?

Any suggestions are more than welcome. Thank you


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