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Choosing between 2 profs for an LOR-- please help!


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Hi all,

My dilemma is as follows:

I have 2 really great LOR writers locked down already, and I'm currently trying to choose between two different profs for the third letter. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Prof 1: Tenured associate professor. I took 3 classes with him (which, over the course of a two year master's program, is quite a lot IMO), loved every minute of each one, and received a good grade in each. He got to know me quite well, and I think he would write me a good letter.

Prof 2: Tenured associate professor, as well. I haven't taken any classes with him, BUT he was my master's thesis advisor. I had a good working relationship with him, but it wasn't quite the close mentorship I was hoping for. Nonetheless, I think he got to know me and my work well (and I know he has a good opinion of my thesis), and would write me a good letter.

I am fairly certain that both would be willing to write me letters, and good ones at that. I'm basically torn between the two, and I'm not sure how to weigh 3 classes vs. master's thesis. Which one would carry more weight? Are there any other factors I should be considering in making this decision? Both would write me good letters, I think. I would say that prof 1 knows me a little better, which I know is quite important, but prof 2 is a bigger deal around campus, and in the academic community at large (I'm not sure how important this factor is, though).

Anyone who has successfully navigated the whole LOR for PhD quagmire-- I would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks very much, in advance!! :)

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Professor 2 for sure. I think it would in fact be suspicious to not have your thesis adviser write you a LoR. I am currently applying for an external scholarship, and have just started my Master's so my supervisor doesn't know me very well, nonetheless is it is essentially required that he write me a LoR for this scholarship. Otherwise people suspect why your supervisor isn't recommending you.

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I agree with everyone else. Prof 2 is your best bet. A letter that speaks (positively) about your research potential is so much better than a letter from a prof who can only say you did well in class.

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