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Admissions: Better Quant Scores the on the 2nd Attempt

process chemist

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I got a 610V (highest score of both attempts) on the old GRE and I bombed the Quant section, but I retook it and got 650-750Q on the new one. I don't necessarly remember the Verbal range, but I overall had a lower verbal score than my first attempt at the GRE. How will schools view these scores? Will the adcoms say "He got a 610V (highest verbal score) on the old one, and he got a 650-750Q on the new one, so his score is 1260-1360 composit" or will they just compare composit scores from each attempt, and then decide if my scores on either attempt pass the cut-off scores.

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I think they'll just check if your scores pass the cut-off scores, and look at other factors. In the case of your 2nd score, since the quant is ok and presumably verbal is also ok, that should be an overall ok (ie, this should not serve as a cause to reject you).

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