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Match between graduate discipline and teachers' disciplines


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Let me explain my situation.

I'm planning to candidate for a master in International Affairs with a focus on investment and finance. I'm currently in my last year of undergraduate pursuing a dual bachelor in Political Science and Economics & Business administration.

Most programs ask for 3 letter of recommendation; for the moment I have one professional LOR and probably a second from a political sociology teacher. However, I'm confronted with a dilemna for the third LOR.

Here are my options:

- a philosophy teacher with whom I've had 2 courses (one lecture and one seminar); he knows me well and graded several of my papers so I think it could result in a strong LOR

- a political science teacher with whom I've had 1 course (a lecture); I tried to partcipate as much as possible and I think a LOR from him would not be weak but it would definitely be less personal and fitted than one from the philosophy teacher.

I must thus choose between a strong LOR from a teacher who's completely outside of the discipline I'm aiming for, and a less strong and personal LOR from a LOR within my discipline.

So what's your take: which one should I prefer?

Thank you in advance and good luck to all of you!

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I'd go with the Prof who knows you best and would write the stronger letter. Besides, the skills you need to do well in philosophy are just as important in politics science.

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In 99% of cases, I'd advise you to choose the person who knows you and your work best. Choose the professor outside your discipline.

I seriously doubt adcoms would expect every one of your letters to come from your proposed field of study, as you are coming from your undergraduate degree, where you took a range of courses.

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