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Can you guys evaluate my profile for phd application


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Hi everyone,

Undergraduate: Top school in Canada.

Major: combined honors in computer science and stats

Courses:two stats inference(equivalent to grad level courses), A grad computer science courses in database and data mining.

GPA: 3.96/4.33 (Major GPA=4.19/4.33)

GRE: Q800 V700 A4

Research: two years experience, full time in summers, funded by NSERC. Two projects on database. Two projects on data mining, mining information propagation on social networks. All my papers are rejected, and do not have enough time for more submissions. So no papers.

Recommendation letter: I was supervised by two profs. Both of them will write me reference letters.Both of them are known to the admission committee.At least one of them will write a really good letter. Hopefully the other will write strong letter as well. Third one will be a do will in class letter.

Interested in data mining, game theory, database. Can you guys evaluate my chances of geting into the following schools.

Stanford phd(or master), UCB master, MIT master, UW phd, Cornell phd, UCLA phd, Harvard phd, Upenn phd, columbia phd, Brown phd,

Safe: UBC master

I appreciate your time.

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It looks like you did everything right. You did research, you did well in classes, you pwned the GRE, and you have two strong letters from research advisors. I think you have a good chance at all of the schools that you mentioned.

Other applicants may have publications, but I expect that your recommenders can explain why your work hasn't been accepted for publication yet.

If you can find a third letter writer (perhaps a postdoc or research scientist in your research group), this would boost your application a bit.

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