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Post-Graduate Funding after Masters?


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Hey guys,

I'm currently in a Master of Engineering program at Cornell and will be graduating this upcoming May 2012. Since this is a non-thesis program, and I want to pursue a PhD within 2 years, I figured it would be best to get some research experience at a lab in an academic institution.

I emailed a professor whom my mentor directed to towards who was doing work on a field I was interested in. The professor asked if I had my own funding and how long I would be able to stay since they do not accept short-term guests.

I do not have funding obviously since I'm in a professional masters program, but how does one go about getting post-graduate funding? Would it just be better to get a job in industry and get some experience instead of a lab for PhD applications?


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I'm not certain you can even get post-graduate funding for after an MEng, as it's typically for PhD students to do post-doctoral work. Don't quote me on that though, perhaps you might be able to find something.

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