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Course List as Supplemental Document?

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Especially for humanities and social science applicants:

Are any of you providing with your application a supplemental document with a list of courses taken, perhaps organized by area of study? I have heard of people doing this, but am unsure about how common this is.

I understand that adcoms will have transcripts, but I understand why categorizing your courses by "Area of Focus" could provide an added sense of direction and preparedness (i.e. - Not only do I have a research interests in topics A, B, and C, but here is a list of my course investment and experience with them).

All thoughts and experience are appreciated!

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I've heard about this as well and I am considering adding a supplemental course sheet to my applications. I don't know how common it is, but I was given some advice that it can help to explain somewhere in your application what your courses were about because they often have general titles which don't necessarily reveal what you specifically studied or how it relates to your stated research interests.

I'd love to hear other peoples thoughts on this too.

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