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Can anyone offer some recommendations for schools strong in Networks an Network Theory?


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I know Duke has a really good sociology program and one of the theorists I sites most frequently in my thesis paper teachers there. I have an interest in the intersections of social networks, democracy, and power. Things like community organizing, social networks among immigrant communities, the power elite are all generally fall within my interests.

If anyone could also recommend sociology programs with inter-disciplinary work with political science, that would be really helpful too.


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Duke (Student of Peter Bearman)

CMU (decision sciences - Kathleen Carley (former student of Harrison White) advised Carter)

Northwestern (lots),

UWashington (lots),


Columbia (Peter Bearman),

UNC (can take classes at Duke),

UCLA, Stanford (McFarland),

Chicago (some - Ron Burt's in the B-school),

Michigan (lots),

Northeastern (CS - David Lazer),

Irvine (Carter (student of Carley),

Faust (wrote the textbook)) for sure,

some at Yale (former students of Peter Bearman),

UMass (former student of Carter's),

U Maryland (HCI - Ben Schneiderman),

Kentucky (Borgati - wrote UCInet),

Indiana (Wasserman)

Kinda depends what you're looking for/what you want to focus on. How quant do you want to be? Do you want to be a pure methodologist? Are you in it for the visualizations or the graph theory?

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