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Is this worth updating my application...?


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I've sent my apps to 3 immunology phD programs and already received an interview invitation from one of the programs. In my opinion, one of the biggest weaknesses in my application is the fact that I have NO publications or poster presentations. Even though I have 3 years of research experience, my current PI is very stingy with the credit-giving. Anyway, yesterday he told me (FINALLY) that my name would appear on two publications, one as 3rd author and one as 6th author. I know 6th author is not a big deal at all, basically the same as not even having a publication, but how is 3rd author viewed by the ad comms? Does it strengthen an application, or does it not really help much unless you are first or second author? I'm trying to decide if it would be worth notifying my prospective programs of this or if I would just look desperate.


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I would think that in both cases, it says that you have taken part in each project. It would say that you do understand publishing work some. Obviously if you feel this is a weak part of your application you can always send a note. Like you noted it's not going to be treated as equal to someone who has published their own work but it may help equal some of your research experience some.

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