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academic carreers in law realistic for international students


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Hi all this is sort of a vent, but I'm doing a Ph.D in law in Australia, and my desire is to become a university professor here or in another first world country, but I don't know how realistic that is, my specialty is international human rights law, and I'm also very qualified in international law in general but only have two years work experience in a general practice firm back home (panama a small country in latin america) and a few publications back home but none in one of those "respected journals" from first world countries.....

I'm only 6 months in and the research work is going well but all I heard is how you need publications, grants, teaching experience ect if you want to be hired in an academic position and I don't have any of that, not sure how I can get it either. Moreover they all say you should be able to teach first year courses since you are not likely to start teaching international human rights law in a postgrad program fresh out of your phd but unfortunately Im not qualified to teach first year courses as those are all domestic law courses.

I am very depressed (for a variety of reasons) , could not find a job back home so the dream of being a professor and thinking at least some income from scholarship was better than nothing make me decide to take the Ph.D, but now I dunno if I should drop it and go back home and deal with reality, a Ph.D I feel is an academic degree with no worth in the private sector, so probably the more time I spend out of "real" work the harder it would be for me to go back to me...

Its sad because Im really enjoying the research but I don't know whats the point of doing it if there is no chance of landing an academic job afterwards

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Regarding teaching, what Arts subjects does your university offer? Perhaps you could tutor for international studies or poli sci. You might also be able to guest lecture in some courses that are about international law / human rights law or subjects that touch on these issues for whatever reason.

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