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Profile Evaluation Please


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Undergrad: from large state university, major in econ, GPA: overall 2.92, in major 2.95, last 2 years 3.20

Classes in calc 1-2, linear algibra, stats, econometrics, unfortunately Bs and Cs

Graduate: M.A. in Econ from George Mason, GPA: 3.30, non thesis track

Work Experience: 1.5 years teaching economics at a small liberal arts school, two working papers, one presented at a regional social science conference, moderator for the regional conference, also served as referee for regional academic journal, additional teaching experience online for a community college

LORs: 2 from supervisors, 1 from coauthor and president of regional academic journal

GRE: Revised test 750-800 Quant range, 590-690 Verbal range

Thanks for your time. I want to be realistic obviously with my applications.

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