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Any good MSc programs?


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Hello fellow chemists,

Upon much deliberation, I've come to the conclusion that even though I LOVE organic synthesis, a PhD might not be the best route for me in terms of years of commitment and other personal beliefs etc. However, I know a BA in Chem is limited in depth and would love to get at least a MSc in organic synthesis (transition metal-catalyzed transformations etc). Once again, my search on google didn't return any favorable results as to good schools that actually offer MSc in chem. Most schools seem to have only PhD programs. Do you know of any schools that have master's programs for chemistry?

Please list as many as you can!

Thanks y'all and I hope everyone's week is off to a FANTASTIC start!

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try european universities ..like in germany they have quite well funded research-based M.Sc degree program ....or if you are in US....you can try for Canandian Universities .....they have a strong M.Sc program with possible transfer to PhD after 2 years...

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You can get a MS from any grad program. It's basically the door prize if you leave without a PhD. Of course, you have to go in with the intention (or maybe pretense) of seeking a PhD. I've heard mixed things about how MS degrees are viewed, and I'm not sure what to think. Some people say it shows that you weren't PhD material, and others say that a PhD might prevent you from being considered from many jobs.

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