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Applying to Biotechnology Masters


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I recently took New GRE and had preliminary scores.. but I cannot compare my spec to others who got accepted into biotech programs, because I havent seen anyone who posted their specs. I was wondering if my scores are in competitive level because I have second chance to take the new GRE around January, but it is so time consuming and already got tired of studying this. Although I am pretty sure that biotech is less competitive compared to other field , but I am still concerned

V: 420~520

M: 730~800

AW :?

GPA : 3.57

I am an international student and took several upper level bio-courses.. such as microbio, immunology, biochem, anatomy, physiology. I am attending to university ranked around Top 40 in U.S. as well. I will probably have two strong recommendations from biotech and immune professors and another from CTO of small pharmaceutical company in Korea.

I am planning to apply to schools such as Johns Hopkins, CMU, Northwestern, Columbia, and Upenn and certainly Upenn is my top choice.

Does anyone know who got into any of these programs?

Help me!!

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