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Is my nondegree coursework relevant?


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Hey all,

I am thinking about applying for the MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy at LSE. I majored in philosophy (3.5GPA) as an undergrad and have worked in government since graduation. I should have good references and personal statement, and my GRE was 750+ in both sections. But I don't have great quantitative credentials, and while looking at different programs to apply to I've been taking a math and an econ course at a local university. Do you think that those courses would matter for this program? Should I submit those grades even if I don't get an A in them?

Thanks in advance!

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The majority of graduate applications I've seen say they want ALL of your transcripts - even community college classes. I ended up having to submit six transcripts - most of them are totally unrelated to my degree - because I didn't want to take the chance of leaving something out and having it bite me in the ass later.

For the curious six transcripts breaks down as follows:

1. B.A.

2. & 3. Classes from two different community colleges transferred to B.A.

4. Certificate

5. & 6. Miscellaneous job-related classes at two other community colleges over the past ten years

(7. Post Bacc - applying to grad program at the same university so I don't actually have to submit it)

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