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Going back to grad school after Master's in Teaching?


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Hi everybody! I am currently a graduate student in a Master's in Teaching program for Spanish certification. My feelings toward the program have been lukewarm, and I'm still not 100% convinced that becoming a high school teacher is right for me. I have stuck with it primarily because I am a Graduate Assistant. I am also going for my ESL certification, so I have been taking Linguistics courses. Through this experience, I have come to love Linguistics, and I want to get another Master's or PhD in this field (particularly, language documentation).

Since I am already in the M.A.T. program, my current plan is to continue until I finish in three semesters, get certified, and teach for a year before applying to grad schools for Linguistics. I am hoping to be able to get recommendations from professors in my current Master's program from Linguistics courses I take, as well as my GA advisor, who will be able to speak to my ability to do research.

My question is, would it look bad to an admissions committee that I already have a Master's in Teaching? I am hoping that my teaching experience could help me get funding as a TA. But, I can see it being detrimental to my application because I could look wishy-washy.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation (gone from a Master's in one field to a different one)?

Is it worth it to continue with my M.A.T. program as planned? Any other advice?

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