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I've read some really great threads on here regarding personal statements, however most of the ones specifically geared towards social work are those who are applying to PhD programs, which are more research-based.

I'm planning to apply for my MSW fall of 2012 and I'm having a really tough time crafting my PS. I feel like I'm all over the place in trying to convey who I am on paper and expanding WAY too much on past experiences. For those of you who have already gotten into your prospective schools, I'd love some advice and tips on how to make your story stand out. A lot of the PhD threads talk about focusing on being blunt and discussing your research interests and not as much on your personal story. Does this same advice stand for MSW programs? Also, what is a solid recommended format for incorporating your past experiences with qualities you believe qualify you for social work?

I like the idea of using a personal narrative as the intro, but I also don't want to be cliche either.

Who would have thought writing about yourself would be this difficult?!

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