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Ed.S. Degree v. Master's?


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I'm looking at entering the school counseling field and my school of choice offers an Ed.S. degree rather than a Master's. I'm trying to figure out if one is stronger or more advantageous than the other. Ideally, I would prefer to hold a Master's, and am considering earning an MA in a related subject and pursuing counselor certification after (still have yet to determine how feasible this is or how cost and time effective it would be).

Any insight?

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I'm also applying to an Ed.S. program, but you in the program I am applying too you earn your masters after the first year in the program and the Ed.S. after 2 more years.

My understanding is that a Master's is generally a pre-requisite to an Ed.S. degree, but my school has told me explicitly (it's even highlighted in their handbook) that this is not the case with them, and that no graduate courses are required prior to enrolling. So I'm just trying to figure out which would be the stronger degree, or if the Ed.S. degree is strong enough to stand on its own.

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