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Urgent problem with LOR professor's email


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Hey everyone,

I am an international student (from a third world country) and I'm applying to a few universities this application season. My problem is this, the university I attend does not provide professors with '.edu' emails and most of the universities I'm applying to require submission of online reference letters. Some of them state specifically that they will not accept any LORs from an email that's not '.edu'. So far I have managed to get two LORs from professors who teach at other institutions and one has a .edu while the other has a .org which I guess is good enough. However, my third referee's email is from a free email service provider. I thought I could email her recommendation via mail with my transcripts and have her sign the envelope and put in her phone number. However, UBC's Computer Science department doesn't accept hard copy reference letters so I don't know what to do. Any suggestions? Should I ask her to submit an online copy and then mail a signed hard copy anyways (even though they don't accept hard copies)? Should I attach a note with my application stating that I am responsible for the authenticity of the submitted letter and that the school is welcome to call my referee and verify?


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Have you contacted UBC to ask them what they think of this? I find that strange that UBC would require a '.edu' e-mail when most Canadian universities I know of don't even provide their profs with '.edu' e-mails.

But in summary, contact the schools and ask about your situation. They will know better than we will.

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