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How optimized is the process of uploading recommendations for professors?


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I am applying to about 10-12 places, and sort of worried that uploading those many letters would drive my professors up the wall. Luckily, my apps are somewhat spaced out. So some respite there. Anyway, coming back to the issue, I could see that some universities use a common third party interface such as CollegeNet. I can see all my apps at one page and navigate from there. It doesn't offer me any great benefits, but I was wondering if such interfaces make it convenient for the professors to upload recommendations. Once a professor has uploaded a letter for an applicant for one university to a portal like CollegeNet, would they get the option of just using the same one for other universities that have subscribed to CollegeNet without manually filling out forms and uploading documents all over again? That would be a useful feature because I doubt if professors really customize letters based on the university. Also, are these forms like detailed questionnaires, or do they just have to upload a document? If someone can speak from first hand experience, what would the average time for submitting a recommendation be provided that the contents of the letter have already been written? I hope it isn't more than 3-4 mins.

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