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Virginia Tech vs. UNC Chapel Hill


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Hello all,

I was wondering which one of those two schools (VT, UNC Chapel Hill) is less competitive? I am applying to masters programs not a PhD, but I am hoping to get some funding. As an international student, I don't really know whether rankings reflect correctly on how difficult it is to get into a school, and I need to make a decision between these two very soon.

Also, has anyone applied to Virginia Tech? because they have conflicting information on their website about sending transcripts (graduate school website says upload and don't mail, while the CS department says mail 2 copies one to the graduate school and one to the CS dep.). As it's expensive to mail things internationally, I emailed them a week ago but no one replied. So does anyone who applied there know the actual procedure?

Thanks :)

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@Amogh... It does depend on what field you want and I have seen people rejected at Vtech who got into really good schools. Their selection process seems to be more erratic than one thinks.

@Deema.. As far as funding goes, unless you have outstanding Acads and lot of research under your belt, do keep your hopes on the down-low.. Its not as easy now

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