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Perfect Quant for Engineering?


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For all of you engineers who think you need a perfect score on the Quantitative section of the GRE, consider the following:

I sent an inquiry to the UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering department about their average GRE scores was told that their averages for accepted students for the fast four years was


550______747 (81%)___705

540______755 (83%)___698/4.83

540______771 (86%)___702/4

549______765 (85%)___4.1

So all of you engineers out there who use profanities about getting a "measly" 95th%ile, keep in mind that your score is actually pretty good.

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I got 149 in verbal approx 450 on the old scale

and 167 in quant approx 800 on the old scale

do i have a chance in the ivy league univs?

or is my verbal too low?

Nobody can answer your first question. Graduate admissions are not based solely on test scores and different schools put varying levels of importance on the GRE. Some schools consider it to be very important, others don't. What I can say is, the rest of your application (academic record, letters of rec., experience, etc.) typically counts for much much more in admissions decisions than GRE scores. As an international, your English test (e.g. TOEFL) does matter, but I seriously doubt that anyone will reject you just because your Verbal score on the GRE is a 149, though it may cause you to loose out in the event of a tie-breaker.

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