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Stats programs that only use last 60 units for GPA...how much focus to they put on other grades?

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My last few math terms haven't exactly spelled out potential graduate student in a math field (C+ in Calc 1, B in Calc 2, Probably B- in Diff Eqs and Lin Ang), but I still love the subject and want to do statistics.

Starting next quarter I will be taking units that apply to the last 60 semester (90 quarter) hours, and, will most certainly bust my arse off to get in the A, A- range needed to get into decent grad schools. My final GPA will eventually probably land around 3.5 or so, but in my major, and last 60 units, if played out right, would be much higher given I get my crap together.

So the question is, the schools that use only the last 60 semester units to be your GPA, do they care about my lackluster performances before? My gut reaction is they will a little, but if I am able to get my grades up, it's the new GPA that matters most.

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