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Has anyone heard from UW Seattle or UCSD Bio programs yet?


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I haven't heard, and I'm fairly certain that they are not still sending out requests, but I can't find that information anywhere. I would love to go to either of those schools, but at this point things look grim.

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I applied to both of those universities, but to a very very very different program!

Since UW-Seattle was due so early (12/15), I would hope that they'll be sending notice out shortly...

Do you happen to know how UW-Seattle notifies??

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No idea, I assume email however. I don't fully understand why they don't send out interview requests simultaneously with rejection letters. From what I've read online, not getting an interview for a PhD program always indicates rejection. I just want to get it soon so I can get on with things...

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I got sick of waiting, so I called them. They're only reviewing my application next week. Seriously. There's another interview weekend, and it looks like they may decide to schedule one after that, too!

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