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Intl. Affairs/GRE 298/Toefl 104 Please Evaluate!


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I am in an urgent need to get my university list shortlisted.


I have a GRE score of 298

Quant: 148 and Verbals: 150

AWA : 4

Toefl: 104


10th: First Class with Distinction

12th (Pre University) : First Class

B.Com(Under-graduation): Final year First Class with Distinction.

M.Com I(PG): Passed

M.Com 2: Current year.

Applying for : Fall 2012.

Program Applying for: International affairs a.k.a Global affairs, international relations etc.

The list I am looking at, and need your suggestion on these.

1. Texas A&M

2. Duke University

3. University of Michigan

4. Syracuse University

5. Georgetown University

6. New york University

7. University of Southern California

8. Yale

9. George Town University

10. Washington state university

11. University of Maryland

12. Pennsylvania state university

13. Rutgers, the state university of new jersey

14. University of texas at Austin

15. University of Minnesota

16. University of California at san diego

Please Please Please don’t insist on a specified format , I really have no time to get this thing done. I have basically just got another day to shorlist and finalize my universities. Because I have to have my application done by 25th, since everyones told me and I have checked that most good colleges have a deadline of 7th jan or 31st December and I donot wish to miss out on any universities.

I understand my GRE is way too low for the course I am applying for, but am sure it isn’t that low that I have to apply to the list given to me by my counselor that has atleast 4 universities that are UNRANKED. My academics are good, with distinction all through the important academic juncture!

Please Help!



(Duplicate Post, coz I wasnt getting any response in my earlier post) :(

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Also, can't really make recommendations without knowing

(a) what aspect of IR you're interested in (int. development? security? law?). A school that is great at one might not be so hot at another.

(B) your work experience. Greatly affects your competitiveness.

If you provide those I'm sure people would be glad to help.

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As Myrnist said, you really need to look at your other information. During my Peace Corps time, I knew some students applying to American universities and so I know a bit about applying as an international student. Seeing as how you have a TOEFL score (which is high, good job) I think it is safe to assume you are a foreigner :) As far as I'm aware, GRE scores are not as important for foreigners because the test is considered to be "biased" towards Americans. I have even heard that some places barely even look at GRE scores for non-Americans. This is because we have grown up taking this sort of test, whereas people from other countries do not. So, as long as your score isn't completely miserable, it shouldn't hurt you too badly. I don't really know the new scoring system, but I don't think your scores are bad for someone who speaks English as a second language.

I am more concerned for you that it is now two weeks before some deadlines and you don't have a shortlist yet. From this post, it seems that you are rushing the application process, which could affect things such as your letters of recommendation and essays -- far more important than the GRE scores. Depending on your experience and strength of recommendations, I would cut out the very top schools and try to find which one has the specific track you want to study. Again, as Myrnist said; the area of study can make a big difference in which school is right for you. For example, I fell in love with the University of Georgia after my sister went there for undergrad and I lived there for a little bit, and they have a great public policy program... however, they really didn't have the international non profit expertise that I wanted, so I ended up not applying. So, for me, it wasn't good, but overall, it regularly ranks very high in national rankings for public policy.

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