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What is my chance in Chemical Engineering?


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Dear all,

I am MS graduated student in Chemical Engineering and want to apply for PhD program to the following universities:


Texas A&M

Penn State




South Carolina

My Records are:

GRE: V:370 Q: 760 AW: 3.5

GPA (MSc): 3.75 GPA (BS): 3.51

Publication: 14 ISI paper (I am corresponding author in one of them)

Research experiences: more than 5 years in different research positions

Please guide me about my chance to get an admission from these universities with funding.

Thank you,

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i'm not sure (but that's only bc I'm wondering myself what it takes to get into an engineering PhD program...as I have similar dreams)...but I mean from the looks of it, it looks like ur doing great and have a decent chance...

14 papers published?? what do you mean by corresponding author in one of them?? how many papers were u the primary author??

also, do they even look at ur undergrad GPA?

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