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Three Part Sample Question (Length/Title Page/Topic)


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I'm in the process of submitting my applications for Masters programs and I've run across a couple questions in the final tweak

1. My top choice requires a minimum of 10 pages, my second choice (also a very good program) requires 5-10 pages. My undergrad program does not require a thesis so my best recent paper is 13.5 pages double spaced and ~8 single spaces. Do you think it would acceptable for the paper to be double spaced for one and single spaced for the other?

2. The paper was originally formatted with a title page per the assignment instructions. Would you suggest a title page (the paper is in Turabian)? If so what you include? If not, where should I state the title? My page number system is "Pony #" in the upper left corner of the header, starting on the first page of the actual paper.

3. Should I worry that my paper topic is not within my major or minor but does reflect the overall theme of my research interests? I majored in Anthro, minored in MST, my field research was on reception of a particular faith in Central America (the product did not lend it self to a strong paper but was mentioned in personal statement and in CV), my proposed research area is in relationship of form and function of religious structures, and the paper is on politics and religion in early twentieth century Germany.


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