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London for fall 2012!! How different is UK from the USA?


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I applied to the joint program by Uni of Southern California and LSE (London school of economics) for fall 2012!!

If I get in (really wanna go), how different is it to live in the UK than in the USA? I have resided in Texas for the past 10 years and really love Texas. I know London's weather can be daunting, but still wanna gain more cultural experience!

Anyone who have lived in London, please share your experience. Is there anything I should know/prepare before going to London? culturally?

- Anyone applying to the dual-degree program "global communication"?

Thank you!!

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Just finished my degree at LSE....it's a small but interesting university..you can find all sorts of things to do in London. All kinds of social events and tons of reading...anyway you won't feel bored. I don't like the winter here cause it gets dark so early (at 3-4pm)... summer is much better. So hopefully you have chosen the right season to come.

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It's going to be quite different from Texas, but then again, if you are going to be in LA, that will probably also be quite different from Texas. As Spriteling noted, the biggest change will be to use their amazing public transportation system (buses, tube, trains, etc.) and to really walk places and explore different neighborhoods rather than driving everywhere. In terms of weather, it rarely ever gets cold, but rarely gets really hot as well - just something in between with rain once a day, so keep that in mind. It's a great city with a lot of cool places to visit, especially in the countryside nearby.

One thing to also keep in mind is that school wise it's also quite different in that you will probably have 1 exam or at most 1 paper and 1 exam and a lot less teaching than you're used to. So nowhere near the contact hours that the US system has.

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Agree with maeisenb: get used to minimal contact hours and highly independent study skills! You'll get what you need in a UK university but you absolutely have to be prepared to go and find it for yourself and not have it handed to you. LSE is a great school though.

I'm from London so let me know if you have any questions! It's a great city -- best to see it as a lot of distinct towns rolled into one, because there's so much variation. It's insanely expensive, that's the only problem. But it is exciting, beautiful, unbelievably atmospheric in some places, very dingy and grim in others -- in short, one of the world's great cities. But yes, save up plenty of money before you go.

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