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Sending available GRE scores - should I do it even before I can see the results online?


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12/10/2011 - IBT GENERAL TEST

11/12/2011 - Subject: Physics

10/15/2011 - Subject: Biology

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I know what the scores are by now. But I don't see them displayed online (yet). Should I send them? Deadlines start on January 2nd, so I must be quick.


Also - what is the best way for me to check whether or not they received my GRE test scores? Some of the departments have very general names that don't correspond to any particular department within the school. And in some other cases, I may be applying to multiple departments.

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I would suggest sending them right away. GRE scores matter very little (from my little experience with grad admissions so far).

After you submit your app, most of the schools will take you to a 'status/tracking' page (definitely if they are using collegenet). On that page, you should be able to see whether the schools have received your GRE scores.

Also, why so worried about schools not getting GRE scores? Almost all the schools will notify you of your application status sometime after the deadline and will accept the scores you report yourself for reviewing purposes. You will have a chance to re-submit the scores if they missed it.

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