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Importance of research/publications for a masters?


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I'm a an academic junior at the moment looking at applying to MA/MS programs in ether history or political science. I've heard and read alot about(including on here) the importance of research experience when applying to these types of programs.

Does this hold true for undergrads when applying to say an MA or MS programs in these areas?

I ask because I have considerable research expernice through extensive projects I've had to complete for a number of classes, but I haven't been published anywhere to speak of yet(ex. the on campus IR journal). Would this reflect negatively on my application? I mean I have plenty of research projects and papers classwise to list and my profs could certainly testily to my research capabilities in recs, however I worry this may not be enough?

Am I right or am I just worrying over peanuts?

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I think you're just worrying too much... I'm applying to masters programs now and my only research experience is what I did as part of my undergrad in psychology and nothing published...been working full time for 3 years and done no research whatsoever (applying for public admin) and none of my recs will even be talking about it...then again, maybe I should be worrying!

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You mentioned having done a considerable amount of research through projects done in class. That's research experience, and definitely worth elaborating in your SOP! If you can show adcomms that you performed meaningful research in those classes, and it had an impact on your ability to perform research at the graduate level, that can only help you. Publishing is one way to show very quickly and immediately that you have performed research at the caliber required for graduate-level work, but if your LORs and SOP can demonstrate your capabilities, that will be just as effective, I think. The point is to communicate capability, not so much "be published".

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