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Very confused. I'm applying to an MA program where the application deadline has moved from January 15 to January 3rd.

I sent out GRE scores a few days ago to this school thinking I'd have more than enough time for their safe arrival. Needless to say, I'm not so sure the scores will get there in time by the deadline.

Is this normal operating procedure for some programs? I wouldn't have sent in the scores had I not paid the (egregiously high) application fee, but somehow I feel a little bit scammed. I have nothing to prove that January 15th was the deadline as all mention of it has been removed by the school/program other than my own notes on stuff like deadlines and other minutia I've been researching since early this year.

More of a vent post than anything else, wondering whether this has happened to anyone else. January 3rd is the new deadline and that's that!

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