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Language test scores (TA application for language teaching)


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At one of my programs I'm applying for a TA position teaching Japanese. I'm writing the cover letter now explaining my language background. My biggest credential is that I have passed the highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. I'm going to enclose a photocopy of my certificate of passing.

I can copy only the certificate, or I can copy the score detail as well. The passing score for the test is 100/180 total with at least 19/60 in each of three sections. My score was 153/180 total with 43/60 in reading, 50/60 in vocab and grammar, and 60/60 in listening. So my scores are good. But I am afraid they will just look at the fact that my reading score is lower than my other scores, even though it is still actually not a bad score.

What do you think, copy only the certificate of passing, or include my score detail with explanation?

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Why not both? Also, if the programs are familiar with the exam (and I'm guessing they are), they will know how to understand your scores. In your cover letter you might also include some info on coursework you've done in Japanese literature (ie, where you read literature in the original). I think that should cover all of your bases.

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OK, thanks. As for advanced literature courses, I've actually taken none as my undergrad degree was unrelated. My advanced language skills were acquired by translating and interpreting for 3 years in a Japanese government office where I was the only non-Japanese. I'll be explaining plenty about that for sure. I'm just worried about fitting the letter onto one page.

I guess I could include a copy of only the certificate but say in the letter that my score was 153/180 cf a passing score of 100/180, and that I had a perfect score in listening? Just say that without copying the score detail? That could be my best bet.

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