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University of Tel Aviv?

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I'm am American student who is currently studying at home, but I was looking at going abroad for my masters.

Recently one of the programs in other countries that I've become interested in is the University of Tel Aviv's International Master's programs.

If anyone has past and present experience with the university or more specifcally the masters offered, could you tell me how it was?

From what I've seen the masters offered in English seem quite comprehensive and a number of the profs that teach them are very well known. Also, Tel Aviv is arguebly the top university in the country.

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I don't have any experience with the English programmes at TAU, but I've been a couple of months at the university to do language courses. Overall I my impressions were positive, the campus is really beautiful. The English programmes mainly attract international students from the US, I think about 80% of the internationals is American (but I'm not sure about that). The dorms that house international students have been renewed recently and are really nice now. They also organize quite a lot of activities for the interantional students. I don't know exactly if this is the case for your programme, but I think that most international students need to follow hebrew courses in the summer before they start studying. And indeed, TAU is regarded as one of the top universities in Israel. This is really all I know, not much, but hopefully it will help you a bit.

PS. If studied in Europe and Israel and have noticed that students in Israel are much more motivated and work harder. I think it is because they start studying later (at about 25, after they went to the army) and because it's much harder to get into a university (Israel has about 7 universities, other higher education is in mostly private (more expensive, but generally less good) colleges). Of course I don't know if this attitude is also present in the international programmes (moreover, I study in engineering, so it's a different world anyway).

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