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Is toefl/gre required for phd even after completing MSCS


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Also chances of getting the visa stamped without GRE/TOEFL

Well you won't get a visa without an I-20 and you won't get an I-20 without an acceptance to a Phd program and you won't get that if they want a valid GRE or TOEFL score and you took it too long ago. So the best thing you can do is look at the programs you're interested in and find out what their requirements are...some may require the test scores, some may not.

If you can get into the program without those scores, then there's no reason why it will affect your visa chances - that being said, if the reason you don't have to submit the scores is because it's a program that's very easy to get into, you will have trouble getting a visa.

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I don't think you need to write the TOEFL again. Since you completed your Master's from a school in the US (that's where you had gone right?), the requirement for TOEFL would be waived off. I guess GRE is mandatory for most programs. If you get an admit from a good PhD program, visa should be a breeze. If they ask for the scores during the visa interview, you can still show your old scores. They aren't valid for reporting, but it doesn't matter if you have an admit. It's not as though you have become dumber since the last time you wrote the test. You wouldn't have managed to get a good PhD admit otherwise right?

Edit: By a good PhD program, I mean something that figures in the top ~20-30 or so in your domain. Even if there is a slight risk of the University being relatively unknown, it would be best to write those tests again. You wouldn't want the visa officer to get unnecessarily suspicious.

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Some schools will require TOEFL no matter what (English is not your first language). I would first get a rough idea of the schools you want to go to, and then check their requirements. In general, I would recommend taking TOEFL for two reasons-

1. To be on the safe side.

2. Get an outstanding score given that your English is much better due to your experience, and stand out of the crowd. A lot of international students apply, and a good TOEFL score may help.

And if your GRE expired, you must take it.

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